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10 Digital free to air TV channels , 2 Radio stations, plus online



Studios & Office - 133 Waimea Road Nelson, New Zealand

Morse code verses Texting - The Queen - Power worker - Distress call

Forks over Knives ....Mamas & Papas Doco ...Human DNA ... Heaven is for real Movie - Promo

Big Decks... Indian Church.....Warning

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If you are not receiving all 10 Mainland TV channels you may need to select setup and autotune digital on your TV remote

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Video on Demand

Channel 1 CGTN

Channel 2 NHK

Channel 3 SBN

Channel 4 DW #

Channel 5 Repeat ch

Channel 6 misc

Channel 7 Angel TV

Channel 8 Daystar

Channel 9

Channel 91

MTV 88.3 FM Radio 92

Coming soon 93

NB Streaming not 24/7








If you ever lose any Freeview or Mainland TV channels select AUTOTUNE

on your TV or set top box and they should all come back - click for help.


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