The DW TV channel on Mainland TV channel 4 will suffer picture breakup at times due to DW switching to a lower power satellite transponder in Jan 19.

The Nelson City Council will not permit us to install a larger satellite dish to solve the problem so we are stuck with a weak DW signal.

DW are aware of the issue and we under stand they are talking with the satellite operations control centre.

DW broadcasts on Asiasat 7 satellite at 105.5 Deg which is over the Indian Ocean.

It is only about 2.8 degrees above our horizon so when ever there are heavy rain clouds over the Mt Arthur area the signal is attenuated and the signal breaks up.

The only positive side is when you see the picture break up there is a chance we will have bad weather.

The decision is do we run DW at all or do we run it an put up with weather issues?