Mainland Television Ltd trading as Mainland Broadcasting referred to as (MTV) for this agreement

1. ADVERTISING MATERIAL: No material will be broadcast until it has been approved in its final form to ensure it complies with MTV policies, the standards governing broadcasting and New Zealand Law. All adverts must be supplied in mpg format, 16:9, HD, via memory stick, Email, FTP, DVD, or DV digital format and with a script if available. It is recommended the script be submitted prior to you producing the advert. Payments for approved account holders are due 20th of the month following.

2. PROGRAM NAMING RIGHTS: Advertisers are able to purchase naming rights on selected items but your production company can

confirm details

3. MATERIAL: No commercial material may be broadcast until it has been approved in its final form as complying with all requirements and standards governing television advertising and New Zealand Law. Where music is used a full approval details must be supplied with the material.

4. SUPPLY OF MATERIAL: Advertising productions ready for broadcast should be sent with payment to: " Mainland Television Ltd" Box 595, Nelson New Zealand. Phone: 03 546 6567 email manager@mainlandtv.nz. The supplier/s of all material indemnifies MTV against any breach of copyright and confirm they have written approval from the owners of the material for broadcast. All ad contracts are for 1 TV channel unless otherwise stated.

5. UNITS: All pricing is based on 30 second spots although 10, 15, 60 & 180 second slots are available by arrangement and prices lists are as per our website. www.mainlandtv.nz.

6. PLACEMENT OF COMMERCIALS: Fixed commercial placements may be scheduled within the nominated area for spot rates only. MTV reserves the right to omit or move any advertisement or program without reference to the advertiser or agent, provided that in the case of any omission MTV shall at its option either refund or give credit for the fee payable or shall make the broadcast at a time mutually agreed on by MTV and the advertiser or agency. All programs are subject to suspension, cancellation or replacement at the discretion of MTV without recourse. Ads may be rescheduled to fit operational aspects at any time without notice.

7. JOINT INTEREST ADVERTISING: Advertisers with a common interest who wish to participate in a combined television campaign by jointly producing a commercial which features their products will be welcome. We will normally require that time is bought especially for the campaign in the joint names of the advertisers concerned. This requirement may be varied in cases where participants are substantial current television advertisers, so that existing holdings can be used for joint campaign. Dispensations to use individual holdings must be by prior written arrangement and will be for a specified period in each case.

8. BACK TO BACK COMMERCIALS: MTV may accept the scheduling of two separate commercials, playing back to back. The commercials may be for totally unrelated products but must be for the same advertiser. The two commercials must each be of standard though not necessarily equal duration. One spot bought containing two commercials.

9. CHANGE OF AGENCY: Advertisers changing agencies or engaging additional agencies must advise MTV in writing of these changes stating the products involved. MTV will action these changes 28 days from receipt of client letter of appointment.

10. RATE CHANGE: MTV may at any time change its rates and will give reasonable notice of such change. Existing contracts will be honored and rates will not be increased on these contracts. Any contract which is not Run of station will be at the current spot rate as advertised.

11. MONEYS: Not withstanding the acceptance of payment or part payment of any money's due under the order, or that any advertising matter, the subject of the order has in part been telecast, MTV shall, at its discretion be entitled without notice to do all or any of the following:
a. Refuse to commence broadcasting the advertising material.
b. Refuse to continue broadcasting the advertising material.
c. Terminate the order and this contract at any time without recourse.
d. Advance, delay or retard the date and time of telecasting.
AND MTV or their associated companies shall be under no liability to the advertiser .

a. Payment for broadcast of advertising material is due prior to broasdcast to all non account holders.
b. Overdue accounts will be placed in the hands of a debt collection agency in which case late payment fees and collection fees will be added to the outstanding account. Advertisers agree to indemnify MTV and their associated companies against all costs, whether commissions, legal fees or other wise, incurred by the customer or a duly authorised agent relating to the recovery of any moneys, goods or services that may be outstanding from time to time pursuant to the terms of this agreement, or any other matters whatsoever.
c. In the event of this account not being paid we reserve the right to add all costs of collection to your account.

Rates are set by MTV. No time is sold for resale or subcontract without written consent. All time is sold subject to availability.

a. Contains no false or unwarranted claims for any product or service.
b. Contains no defamatory statements or matters.
c. Does not infringe the copyright or other rights of any person, or company.
d. May be broadcast by MTV and their associated companies without incurring liability of any kind whatsoever and that you accept all liability for copyrights.
e. Conforms with the Television Standards and Rules and MTV policies and their associated companies or its agents.

The advertiser will indemnify and keep indemnified MTV and their associated companies and all officers/reps/agents of MTV and their associated companies against all claims, actions, suits, demands, losses, costs or expenses of whatsoever nature which may be brought against or incurred by them or any of their agents in respect of any advertising matter telecast at the request of the advertiser pursuant to the order. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the website www.mainlandtv.nz is true and accurate as possible at the time it is accepted that by using www.mainlandtv.nz that all users accept that some information may be out of date and or therefore inaccurate. Users of the website accept that the website is only a guide and users should contact us at manager@mainlandtv.nz . Any contract cancelled prior to the expiry date will be required to pay the full contract rate as the space has all ready been allocated and programming compiled well in advance. The provisions of these clauses will survive any cancellation or termination of the contract or website use by any means whatsoever including users thereafter of the website and or other services. It should be noted than MTV does not act as a Real Estate Agent or Car sales dealer, or any other profession, servant or employee and is not involved in any business transaction with advertisers customers nor owns or operates any radio FM or AM transmitters or analogue TV transmitters. Any statements, inquiries from potential or sales persons or clients or users will be directed to the advertiser or operator directly. It is acknowledged that MTV does not act as, nor is, a Car Sales dealer, Real Estate Agent, qualified technician nor offers any professional products or services other than media advertising and is a contact point. Advertisers agree that MTV reserves the right to cancel this contract anytime without recourse and with out notice.

No protection is guaranteed against proximity of advertising for competing products. All care will be taken to avoid clashing products.




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