An Open Letter From One Of New Zealand’s Greatest Investigative Journalists To His Peers

Hi team –

This is why vast numbers of people think the government and health officials are idiots and we in the media are their mentally-challenged handmaids:

“The woman says from the outset the sick family relied on advice from a fragmented Covid-19 health response that allegedly never gave her father a directive to go to hospital, instead offering throat lozenges and paracetamol as treatment.”

The guy died coughing up blood because the “best” advice from officials was suck a lolly.

Where the frick was the advice on steroids, antihistamines, even scientifically proven (on human coronavirus, influenza and herpes) antivirals like Kaloba!? Or even something that at least has immune support like high dose vitamin C and zinc?

If this poor guy had tried ivermectin or hcq to stay alive the media would have smugly laughed at him whilst dutifully publishing a “warning” from Bloomfield and Hipkins reminding the public to “trust the experts”.

What an indictment on politics and health that the best official treatment for covid is a throatie.

Frankly, I have read the ivermectin studies and they’re underwhelming. However, I suspect that even ivermectin is light years ahead of a throat lozenge.

These incompetents at the ministry of health couldn’t run a Bunnings sausage sizzle.

And did I mention that most of last week’s deaths were double jabbed? Where is the media coverage of this? Are you all journalists or PR mouthpieces for the official covid response? You need to decide. You can’t be both.

The British Medical Journal – clearly a bastion of tabloid health reporting – has published an exposé on Ventavia, a company hired by Pfizer to run safety trials on the covid vaccine. Ventavia appears to have falsified study data. The NZ media ignored this after being briefed by health experts who assured them Ventavia only accounted for two percent of the safety studies, so the overall results were unaffected.

Unfortunately those “experts” who briefed you forgot to mention the elephant in the room – a whistleblower provided documents and audio recordings to the FDA but they NEVER investigated! And now we discover Ventavia has since been involved in the kids vaccine safety trials!

And none of the NZ media have batted an eyelid over this, despite plans for a rollout of the vaccine to hundreds of thousands of our children… based on a study contaminated by the involvement of Ventavia in the face of the FDA turning a blind eye.

Yesterday, one media outlet published a fascinating story about a previously healthy double jabbed Aucklander who had caught covid. Unfortunately, the story did not mention that he had been fully vaxxed ONLY SIX WEEKS EARLIER! Not six months ago…six weeks.

Publish the damn facts without fear or favour and let the consequences fall where they may.

We are all aware in the media of alleged vaccine deaths… and we are all aware that most are not. However… mainstream media have allowed their bullshit detectors to enter sleep mode.

Case in point? A 17 year old teenage girl a few weeks back. On the podium of truth, just 24 hours after she died, Jacinda and Ashley issued categorical assurances that her death had nothing to do with the vaccine. Yet we were also assured that the exact cause of death remained under investigation.

Even the coroner got in on the act..but then we found out that CARM still had the death under investigation because it turned out the girl HAD been vaxxed.

Did anyone pause to ask the obvious question: if you don’t know what caused the death how in God’s name can you credibly state “it’s not related to the vaccine”?

How the hell would the coroner or Medsafe or CARM actually know whether a death is caused by a novel vaccine? There’s no playbook, they have never seen this vaccine before and it uses new technology.. Credible investigation would take months as scientists looked for clues. Yet somehow they “knew” within 24 hours.

It’s as big a systems failure as the FDA refusing to investigate Ventavia, nothing but a cynical “nothing to see here, move right along” hose down, and the NZ media lapped it up.

If the media cannot trust the “experts” to carry out an honest investigation, we should be the first to call them out.

The saddest thing about all this? We in the media have spent the past year enabling these bozos to pretend that they know what they are doing..

It’s time to start asking hard questions. No one should be dying in home isolation coughing up blood while some box-ticking halfwit with no medical training on the other end of the phone offers them a throat lozenge and tells the dying patient, literally, to just “suck it up”

By Ian Wishart here.


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