How To Tune in to
Mainland Television

There is a huge amount of miss information on the net and especially in forums about Mainland TV & Freeview, SKY & Igloo. - see below

If you are tuned to Freeview terrestrial or SKY'S IGLOO Nelson you should see
Mainlands 8 digital TV channels appear after you perform a digital autotune.

Mainland TV digital TV channels

Mainland 1 - NHK Satellite
Mainland 2 - DW Satellite
Mainland 3 - SBN - Satellite
Mainland 4 - TBN Satellite
Mainland 5 - Repeat channel
Mainland 6 - misc
Mainland 7 - Angel TV
Mainland 8 - Daystar
Radio 1 - (VOA) - stream *
Radio 2 - Overcomer radio stream *
Igloo - PayTV

Mainland Digital TV Transmitters

Observatory hill CH26 H - 25dbw

Takaka hill CH27 V - 29dbw

Mainland TV is broadcasting 10 Digital channels ( 8 TV & 2 Radio) free to
air, along side Freeview and SKY Igloo on Digital
TV channel 26 Observatory hill Nelson and channel
27 Takaka hill

Mainland TV is also on SKY Igloo and Freeview Set top boxes
NB - Mainland TV channels 5 & 6 are Mpeg 2 and the others are Mpeg4.
Mainland TV digital is broadcasting across Nelson, Tasman, Golden Bay and parts of Marlborough.
Technical notes & tips
Those with Freeview Terrestrial & SKY Igloo should have no problem receiving Mainland's
digital TV channels in most parts of the Nelson region.
Select Digital Autotune on your TV sets or set top box and both Freeview and Mainland
terrestrial digital TV channels should appear.
Anyone who is having reception problems may need to contact an

Antenna installation company.
Those who were recieving Mainland TV, analogue should have no problem recieving the
digital TV channels on Mainland TV's new digital TV platform as the UHF antenna
is the same for analogue and digital.
If you are not tuned to Mainland TV you will need a UHF TV antenna mounted vertical
polarity pointing half way between Mt Campbell & the Takaka Hill highway summit
( behind Motueka ) and you should receive all the digital TV channels & new
digital TV channels providing your property has a line of site view to the hills
behind Motueka. If you can not get a signal from the west you can try tuning into
Observatory hill Nelson.
Those with SKY or Satellite can still watch Mainland & Freeview high definition
digital terrestrial with a UHF antenna thats a one off cost from approx $50 - $120 + GST.
Once you tune into the digital TV channels using a UHF antenna you can switch between
digital and analogue on your TV as you wish.

Miss Information

Lets set the record straight on a few things as we note all over the Internet and mostly on forums there is a huge amount of miss information and some people are getting very confused.

Mainland TV signed an agreement with Freeview in 2011. It means we agreed on channel allocation numbers, format, EPG and other technical details. Mainland TV is one of a number of free to air digital TV broadcasters and we own our own sites and transmission network. This all ensures our TV channels work in with Freeview plus SKY Igloo and vice versa.

ALL Freeview and SKY Igloo decoders and all modern digital TV's recieve Mainlands TV's 8 digital TV channels plus our 2 radio stations in our broadcast region. Note we also broadcast some of our programs on SKY channel 83.

Beware of a couple of questionable antenna installers in the Nelson region. We get complaints about the same two yet all the others are doing a great job.

Radio stations

Your local TV antenna installer should be able to help if you have any problems.
CLICK to see coverage map
call - Nelson TV & Video on 548 0304
You can have Freeview, Mainland, SKY Igloo and SKY TV, digital at the same time without
loosing either. Remember Terrestrial Freeview digital has high definition and its free.

If you live in the Nelson/Golden Bay region where you can see our TV masts you should have no difficulty receiving a picture from all Mainland TV Channels but you will need a UHF antenna for optimum picture quality. Your local TV antenna installer can advise you on the best antenna for your location.  

If you live in Stoke, Tahuna, or areas in Nelson City where you can see Observatory Hill or Takaka Hill, you may be able to receive our signal on rabbit ear type antennas as used on many portable TVs if you are within line of sight of Observatory Hill but its not recommended.

It is important to use good quality low loss UHF coax cable, as the signal will be lost in older cable. Look for the cable with a foil outer earth if you are installing the antenna yourself. Remember to point the antenna at our transmitter. The cable quality is very important and must be a UHF type.

Tuning In To Mainland Nelson On Your Television

To tune in to local TV channels we suggest you consult your TV manual, and select digital auotune.

Station ID's are played at times to identify each station and the EPG names each channel Mainland TV 1 - 8

If you have any problems, your local Television & Video shop or Antenna installer in the Yellow Pages should be able to get you going.