Photos of a JRC commercial transmitter for sale after being reconditioned.

1 Mhz - 30 Mhz with auto tuning for 12 preset Frequencies.

NB - No VFO - 12 fixed PLL Programmed Frequencies - Commercial use only



JRC - Fully restored complete with spares, manuals and diagrams




RF deck door open

With draws and doors open no HT can be turned on



Two large variable inductors and knife switches that switch in the capacitors -

100 watt driver - right side



Lower voltage power supplies





Front panels removed - left - main circuit breakers and contactors -

right - Fuses, screen, grid & control power supplies




Note the air operated mercury switch to protect tube



. ..... ..


Panels removed - left - main tube blower-

right - Remote control terminal block



. .

The 3 phase blower next to the 3 phase HT transformer -

Full manual for the JRC Transmitter (19MB file)


Power output level settings - 3000, 1000 & 500 watts SSB output

HT 6KV @ 1 amp

Filaments 7V @ 64 amps

Requires 3 Phase power

1.7 mhz to 30 mhz continuous coverage

12 x fixed Memory tuned between 1 mhz to 30 mhz

Full linearity control & processing

Full limiting and over drive ALC

Can be used on USB & Data


The unit has been reconditioned,

It has been tested on a dummy load.

It is not currently in service or operational.

(It can be installed & commissioned as required)

It will only be sold to a party with the approved RSM license

Mainland Broadcasting Technical Dept