Rate Increases

I want to see rate increases capped at the rate of inflation. The Council needs to start living within its means like the rest of us do.

Compliance costs

The TDC red tape is hurting the economy as every time someone wants to do anything such as build a house or renovate, start up a business, expand an

existing business, or do anything that creates jobs, the TDC seems to intentionally dream up as many negative and costly barriers as possible.

We do need good fair rules to protect the environment but the council culture needs to change to a "How can we help". 

The TDC needs to work better and more efficiently with everyone and, if elected, I will be a strong, loud voice on council to stand up for everyone's rights. 

There are too many petty and costly rules that cost everyone money and stress that need to be reduced. We need to review the district plan to

make it more user friendly, reduce staff numbers and lower compliance costs. TDC is trying to drive the local economy along with the hand brake on. 

I am committed to keeping the council and bureaucrats honest and fair to everyone.


The TDC needs to drastically improve its consultation process with the community. There are to many examples where TDC have not done a good job such as the Dam and Mapua wharf which led to increased costs and a problem for the boat club.

I support the boat club and its efforts to have access to a boat ramp as they were not consulted. At the time the media reported Councilor Trevor Norris saying that not consulting the Boat club was a minor over sight. That’s like saying the Titanic had a minor leak. This mismanagement of the process needs to be improved and I am committed to speaking out for fair play.

Debt Levels

Debt levels need to be reduced further as soon as possible. Debt should be kept low so that when a disaster occurs the Council has the ability to access emergency funding as required but the debt should be reduced once the region is back on its feet.

When a major disaster occurs most people have their own problems to deal with so increasing rates is a bad idea as it would hurt people already hurting.

There are some projects where some debt is acceptable where future ratepayers benefit from long term infrastructure.














Authorised by Gary Watson, 200 Motueka River Westbank Road Motueka