The Calvary FM radio program is coming to you from Calvary Chapel Radio at 7 Target Court Glenfield Auckland.

The program is retransmitted across the top of the South Island on the FM radio frequency band 24 - 7.

If you would like this radio station to continue broadcasting the Calvary radio program in your area then

we need your help to cover the LOCAL broadcast costs which are very low.

 A small weekly donation from a few people will keep this station on air.

For further information please call Mainland TV on 03 546 6567 for details on how you can help keep the

Fathers message on the airwaves in your region.

 This message is broadcast every hour on the radio station.

Any surpluses received above the cost to broadcast the program LOCALLY will be donated to Calvary chapel

Auckland to help with the production of the content.

 If you wish to help and can set up an auto weekly or monthly payment or wish to make a one off donation

Please contact us on Ph 03 546 6567 - Click to email us

Mainland TV provides the equipment and site for this radio station to operate in your area and helps with costs.

7 CTV manages all the administration, donations and auto payments.

 Thank you for listening, thank for your support and God Bless.


7CTV / Mainland TV

133 Waimea Road


Ph 03 546 6567

Email 7ctv