Photos of a JRC commercial transmitter for sale after being reconditioned.

550 khz - 30 mhz continuous auto tuning.




JRC - Fully restored complete with spares, manuals and diagrams




Front of unit with RF deck door open and exciter draws open - With draws and doors open no HT can be turned on



Two large variable inductors and knife switches that switch in the capacitors - 100 watt driver - right side





Front panels removed - left - main circuit breakers and contactors - right - Screen, grid & control power supplies


. . ... .

The 1 horsepower 3 phase blower next to the 3 phase HT transformer - Note the air operated mercury switch to protect tube

Full manual for the JRC Transmitter (19MB file)


Power output level settings - 5000, 2500 & 1000 watts SSB output

8F75R tube

HT 9KV @ 4 amps

Filaments 7V @ 64 amps

3 Phase power @ 60 amps per phase

1.7 mhz to 30 mhz continuous coverage

Memory tune between 1.7 mhz to 30 mhz

Full linearity control & processing

Full limiting and over drive ALC

Can be used on SSB, CW, Data & AM

The tube is capable of 15KW PEP +


The unit has been reconditioned,

It has been tested on a dummy load.

It can also be used as a tube test jig

It is not currently in service or operational. (It can be commissioned as required)

It will only be sold to a party with the approved RSM license

Mainland Broadcasting Technical Dept